what we do

With An English Love Story I journey through England, as a pilgrim, seeking hospitality where it is offered, meeting people where they are; on the path, in the pub, around the corner, on the street, in prison, in church, on the towpath.  We share our love stories together, recording these emotive and powerful human experiences and bringing them to the public all around the world through our audio archive.  Find out more

Online Audio Archive

Visit the online archive of love stories here. This ever expanding archive is home to our compelling collection of English love stories. This is the place to connect with others, hear their stories and share their experiences. So far these stories have been heard in every continent in the world.  Join us and become part of this growing community of the heart.

Kickstarter 2014

On December 3rd I launched a Kickstarter Funding Campaign to help raise funds to help edit, develop and bring dozens more love stories to the Online Audio Archive from our travels this year.  On Christmas Eve we made our target thanks to the efforts of many wonderful new friends and supporters.   Thank you all for making this a success.

"One of the most valuable insights we can have is to appreciate the insights of others. The world of love seen from a different angle than our own. Anyone travelling through this extraordinary island we live on with little more than a guitar and an open heart is always going to show us things that we previously had not known or seen. Make time for this man his ministry is both vivid and invaluable"  -  Rev Peter Owen Jones - BBC Extreme Pilgrim, Around the World in 80 Faiths