An English Love Story with M.N Hopwood

An English Love Story follows M.N Hopwood as he walks throughout England. Meeting with people on the path, in villages, towns and cities, in hostels, chapels, pubs and homes; sharing love stories together and exploring these stories in relation to our own lives, our communities and the land we live in.  Find out more


Green Gathering 2014 with Avalon Rising

I was honoured to be welcomed into the Avalon Rising crew for the Green Gathering Festival 2014. Set up in the grounds of Chepstow racecourse, overlooking the River Severn. Love stories were shared and recorded.  Hear more about the festival and the stories here.


2014 Pilgrimage from Avebury to Lindisfarne

THE PILGRIMAGE WAS COMPLETED on October 27th.  Throughout September and October I walked from Avebury in Wiltshire to Lindisfarne on the Northumberland coast.  A profound and humbling journey.  I was privileged to share love stories with many people on the road, receive their hospitality, stay in their homes and churches.  To find out all about the journey go to our projects page or follow us on Facebook.