An English Love Story

An English Love Story follows M.N Hopwood as he walks throughout England. Meeting with people on the path, in villages, towns and cities, in hostels, chapels, pubs and homes; sharing love stories together and exploring these stories in relation to our own lives, our communities and the land we live in.  Find out more


Love stories from the Grange

In July 2013 I was resident at Grange Park Opera during their summer festival. Set up in the grounds of Grange Park I met with members of the cast and crew, opera-goers, chefs and chauffeurs.  Love stories were shared and recorded in a little Indian pavilion in the sun.  Here are just some of those stories for you to hear. 


2014 Walk. Avebury - Lindisfarne

Throughout September and October 2014 I will be walking from Avebury in Wiltshire towards Lindisfarne on the Northumberland coast.  To find out more about this journey and how you might be involved, including walking with me, offering rest along the way go to our projects page or contact us here.