"She drove JCB's, tractors, everything. Wonderful tango dancer. Wonderful tango, ahhhhhhhhhhh. I just let her go her own way, because she was her own person. There was no way you could tell Mamie what to do, no way. I just let her go. She'd go into a pub and she'd just get on the mic and start singing, start singing. She's just wonderful and people loved her, people loved her. I think I miss ...you didn't know what was coming next "   -   Ashington, Northumberland - 2014


"I had two best friends and they were both boys, and one of them I fell in love with and I loved him for six years, but I never told him because I was scared it would ruin our friendship. And if he wouldn't feel the same way, we'd never feel the same way to each other ever again."  -  The Green Gathering, Chepstow - 2014 


"With Patricks death, he was my son but I had him when I was very young, I was seventeen, I was a single mother.  So, all my adult life I had been with Patrick, he was my one constant.  That was a love story in itself, from being a very silly, giddy little girl, doing too many drugs to suddenly realising and understanding a purpose in the world.  Which was love for this child and then loss but maybe discovery of my love for you more, it deepened and solidified.  I was committed to loving you but never let myself feel vulnerable in that love."   -  Yorkshire Dales, Yorkshire - 2014


"You look like Cheryl Cole".  "Oh God, give over Maureen." "At that time we were dancing at a place called Heelbrens in South Shields.  He lived in South Shields and I lived in Tyne Dock.  We just got on well together you know.  We started to go out.  We knew that was what we wanted to be together.  But then I wasn't a Catholic and my husband was."   -  Bishops Cleeve, Gloucestershire - 2014 

With An English Love Story I journey through England, as a pilgrim, seeking hospitality where it is offered, meeting people where they are; on the path, in the pub, around the corner, on the street, in prison, in church, on the towpath.  We share our love stories together, recording these emotive and powerful human experiences and bringing them to the public all around the world through our audio archive.

An English Love Story is all about sharing; our lives, our experiences, our humanity.  I believe in facilitating encounters where people can connect deeply, feel safe, tell their story, be heard, and discuss matters of the heart, wherever and in whatever way that conversation may find its form.  Through these sharings we help to nurture 'true community', connecting people deeply with their emotional and spiritual self, with other people and with the place they live in.  The sharing of these stories together becomes an act of connection, something that can transform and continue the world.  An act of re-membering  that allows us to re-vision the world and begin the process of social reclamation.